How To

Improving your game…inch by inch!

InchStix is the perfect alignment rod with multiple applications.

Whether you are a serious golfer, beginner or a teaching professional, using InchStix will improve your game. InchStix allows you to incorporate ball position with alignment giving you the set up you’ve been looking for. By utilizing the ruler guide on InchStix, practicing ball position and alignment is easier than ever before and more effective. Every golfer that uses InchStix finds a different way to utilize the rod to knock strokes off their game.

How will you use your InchStix? Here are some suggestions. Happy Golfing :)

On The Range:

1) Place the golf ball at 0(zero). Start with both feet together at 0(zero). The club and shot will determine where you place your feet.

Example: Driver could be Grey 2/Black 9 for a right handed player.

2) Encourage a better takeaway after setup. Use the numbers to determine how far back you take each club.

3) Use two InchStix. Place one in front of your feet at setup aiming at the target. Place the second rod behind the ball, again aimed at the target. Make sure both zero’s are aligned.

On The Green:

1) Place the golf ball at 0(zero). Find your preferred foot placement by using the numbers on both sides.

2) Practice tempo and stroke by taking the club to matching numbers on both sides.

Example: Take club back to 4 Black stroke through to 4 Grey.

3) Use the rail system. Place two InchStix down parallel to each other in front of the hole. Place the ball in the middle, putt and watch the ball go in :)